Hire Me to Speak!

Your professors need to hire me to come and speak, as I will make them look great. After I come to speak at your school or event, the bar will be raised so high that there will be a lot more pressure on them to deliver more and more. Seriously, I have a gift to give students a step-by-step picture about how to finish their dissertations. Even more important than getting students “inspired” to finish, I teach them how to do exactly that. I’m not a theoretical speaker. Everything about which I speak is concrete and actionable. If you want your peers to be discussing this talk years from now, I’m your man.

How to Hire Me

If you are in a serious position to decide to hire me, please email your (1) event information, including dates, (2) proposed engagement (keynote or workshop), and (3) proposed budget. Please note that final arranged speaking fees must include first class travel from Portland, Oregon (PDX), local transportation, and hotel accommodation. You may email my support staff regarding your proposal at [email protected] using the subject line "Speaking." Please do not email unless you are in a position to hire me :) I will make your event memorable and invaluable to your students.