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"I teach doctoral students how to finish their  dissertations so they can graduate."

“Dr. Guy” (Guy E. White) is the creator of The Dissertation Mentor® training, the most comprehensive, step-by-step dissertation writing training in the world. His map for anyone completing a doctoral dissertation or thesis has changed the lives of thousands around the world. He is the author of the acclaimed book, "The Dissertation Warrior".


Dr. Guy

Dr. Guy helps doctoral students finish their dissertations so they can graduate.

Dr. Guy’s dissertation roadmap and steps are not just for great writers and academics; he’s taught tens of thousands of students in dozens of countries in hundreds of fields. Many students who began believing that they would never make progress got closer and closer to finishing and ultimately graduating.

Through his presentations, Dr. Guy emphasizes his values of dissertation writing, including:

1. There are no quick fixes. Dissertations require significant investments of time and consistent effort.

2. Your chair or principal advisor is your partner in this process, even if you don't always feel that way!

3. The dissertation process can be broken down into manageable steps -- you simply need to know those steps and undertake them. Though not everyone must use the same methods, there are some strategies that are more wisely implemented than others.

This website was created to support you in your efforts to move on to the life of your dreams, post graduation.

Dr. Guy lives near Portland, Oregon with his gorgeous, genius bride and three kids.


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For doctoral students of all fields. For PhDs, EdDs, PsyDs, DBAs and beyond!


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Proudly serving doctoral students around the world.



Dr. Guy's step-by-step, easy-to-follow style of teaching will have you cheering.

About this Site

This blog, TheDissertationMentor.com, is where Dr. Guy shows how he helps tens of thousands of students overcome the most critical dissertation challenges and finish well. Essentially, Dr. Guy is putting everything here that he needed when he was a doctoral candidate. Plus, he’s adding more and more based upon his work with students from around the planet.

This website is for you! It’s the place you can come to in order to find out how you can make progress in the most troublesome parts of your dissertation.

Also, you can learn about how to ignite your dissertation progress and make massive progress. This site offers you the chance to not be alone in this process, get the help you need, and avoid wasting valuable time.

The dream I have for you is that I can help you finish your dissertation so you can graduate. I want you to be able to do those things in your life that are waiting for you after you finish this dissertation!

P.S. Dr. Guy created this website to be the place to come for instruction and inspiration to help you finish your dissertation and graduate. Every now and then, he might put a link to books, technology, or courses on this site. Sometimes he’ll receive a commission when you click those links and/or purchase that product. He will never put a link up to something that he does not strongly believe will help you.

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