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I’m Dr. Guy, creator and founder of The Dissertation Mentor® Training and the author of the acclaimed book "The Dissertation Warrior".

I teach doctoral students how to finish their dissertations so they can graduate.

On this site, I have created the most comprehensive, step-by-step dissertation writing training in the world. I simply love teaching doctoral students how to finish their dissertations!

Finish your dissertation. Graduate. Live life.

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For doctoral students of all fields. For PhDs, EdDs, PsyDs, DBAs and beyond!

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Dr. Guy's step-by-step, easy-to-follow style of teaching will have you cheering.

"Dr. Guy took me from 'stuck' to successfully defended. He helped me to define each step to move my dissertation forward, providing measurable, concrete next steps that helped build momentum for me. His optimism, humor and step-by-step approach made all the difference!"

Kathleen Mazza, Ph.D.
New York, USA

"Dr. Guy was instrumental in helping me get my ideas on paper and streamline my writing. Dr. Guy is a masterful coach, educator, and mentor. Dr. Guy both encouraged and challenged me to reach my full potential and attain my doctoral degree."

Tumona Austin, Ed.D.
California, USA

"Dr. Guy's excellent program helped me write my Thesis proposal. It was instrumental because I never took a formal research methods course. His advice was critical in understanding how to format and collect literature review data. He is very inspirational and a great human being."

Abdullah Wali-Uddin, Ph.D.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"The support I received from Dr. Guy was instrumental in finishing my dissertation. His expertise, along with his caring demeanor, was just what I needed to guide my thoughts into the language required for a dissertation. He was ALWAYS on my team!"

Merica Clinkenbeard, Ed.D.
Missouri, USA

"I will be forever grateful for the wisdom and inspiration Dr. Guy provided me during my doctoral journey. Every mentoring session provided the clarity, perspective, and experience that encouraged my writing to progress quickly despite my intense work/life schedule. I am certain Dr. Guy's mentoring not only made my dissertation experience less stressful, but also saved me significant money on tuition. Thank you for enhancing my doctoral experience!"

Karen Jaggers, Psy.D.
Texas, USA

"Dr. Guy's effervescent optimism always provided that shot in the arm, lifting me out of whatever dead end or endless do-loop I was stuck in during my dissertation process. Regardless of the support you receive or do not receive from your committee knowing that Dr. Guy is firmly in your corner and has your back was the support that carried me to the finish line."

Francis Mattero, Ph.D.
Virginia, USA

"Dr. Guy was pivotal in helping me gain clarity and momentum in the dark times of my dissertation. His insight and intelligence catapulted me into taking those next steps for progress. You can guarantee he will encourage and elevate you wherever you are in your dissertation process."

Johnna Brynn Bockover, Ph.D.
Florida, USA

"Dr. Guy aided me in having a voice to work through committee challenges, progress beyond writer's block, and keep first things first to ultimately accomplish my Ph.D. His true gift is his calming spirit, God-given ability, talent, and passion to motivate others to realize their potential to remain steadfast along the doctoral journey."

Natalie C. Johnson, Ph.D.
Illinois, USA

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