Office Hours with Dr. Guy - Episode 6 - Gathering Quotes, Headings, Finishing

In this episode, I focus on creating a literature review matrix, headings, and moving fast.

What’s up in this episode?

2:25 – Do you have a template to create a literature matrix?
7:15 – How do I choose the main headings of my lit review?
11:29 – How do I accelerate my work and get good help?

Links mentioned in this episode: “How to Write a Purpose Statement

This is an experiment based upon the feedback I’ve received from my long-time subscribers and clients. In “Office Hours with Dr. Guy” I’m taking your questions and answering them in these short videos. There are lots of videos out there about how to write a dissertation. I’ve made some of the most trafficked videos regarding the dissertation on the web! This video is for people that want to more regularly engage with the dissertation in a shorter form of video. Hope you like. If you keep sending questions in the comments, I’ll keep making this show.


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