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Occasionally, I am available for one-to-one coaching with doctoral candidates from around the world in The Dissertation Mentor® One-To-One Mentorship: a rare chance to work with me (Dr. Guy) in the most highly intimate environment I offer. This program is for doctoral and masters students that want to become more able to make major gains in their dissertation and thesis work. In this program I work one-on-one with you.


Did you watch the video above? There are three primary purposes of working with me one-on-one:

1. I provide you individualized, one-on-one mentorship based upon your specific needs for the purpose of giving you the best opportunity to finish your proposal (or entire dissertation) in a timeline that honors your dreams AND creates the highest quality of dissertation possible;

2. I point you to the specific resources and avenues of study you need for your unique study to help you create an outline of your initial dissertation chapters and the rest of your dissertation as a whole (the amount of work you do is up to you!); and

3. I provide you ongoing instruction, inspiration, and support from proposal, to data collection, to final writing, and to doctoral defense.

What You’ll (Hopefully) Accomplish:

You are going to accomplish some amazing things during this mentorship if you are willing to put in the time and work. I will provide you the roadmap: It’s up to you to walk the road. During our time together, you hopefully will...

1. Outline your introduction, literature review, and methodology chapter (and learn how to ensure that, if you've already written these, that they are defense-ready);
2. Learn strategies to create sound, logical alignment, conduct a strong literature review of the highest quality, and craft a research protocol that meets the highest standards of ethics and practice in research;
3. Pour jet-fuel on your dissertation writing process using the same strategies I provide my private, one-on-one clients; and
4. Get unstuck if you've found yourself making little progress in many months or years.

When (or if) you've mastered the above, you'll also get ongoing instruction on...

5. How to collect your data in the most sound, ethical, and timely way, such that you can finish your dissertation;
6. How to write portions of your data presentation/analysis chapters while you wait for your data;
7. How to write your concluding chapters;
8. How to defend your dissertation; and
9. Many other items that will come up along your dissertation writing path.

What Do You Get?

As someone who signs up for this mentorship, you will immediately receive a username and password and you’ll have the chance to...

3 x up-to-1-Hour one-to-one coaching calls. Join me for 3 (three) coaching calls, up-to-one-hour each. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and learn the best strategies I have to offer. During these calls, I present an essential strategy and then provide you homework to complete. You will also receive assignments after each of these calls to produce a "big win" for you on your dissertation. During these calls, I can review live a draft that you send me. Calls are scheduled based upon my availability, which varies. Scheduling is first-come-first-serve. After you sign up, you'll receive a link to schedule your first call. Typically, calls are scheduled every 3-4 weeks. After the three calls, I may extend an invitation for you to sign up again.

1-to-1 Video Questions & Answers with Me. Using an Android/iPhone application, you’ll be able to send me video questions during the program. I will respond as quickly as I can to all your questions via video. It’s like having me in your pocket. This benefit will be open to you for up to three months after you sign up.

What doesn't this program offer?

This program is not one of those "write your dissertation in a weekend" ridiculous scams that will cheat you out of your doctoral degree, your sense of ethics, and your money. Seriously: don't waste any time on anything that promises that you'll have to do anything less than some of the most difficult you work you will ever do in your life: because the dissertation is one of the most difficult (if not the most difficult) project you will undertake during your lifetime.

This program is not a supplement to you having an amazing, fruitful, healthy relationship with your dissertation chair or principal advisor, who, in the end, you should always go to first with questions about your project after you do your due diligence and hard work.

This program does not produce fast results -- instead, it shows you strategies to streamline your best writing process and create work of the highest quality, to the highest standard, through consistent hard work over a sustained period of time.

This program does not offer "editing" services of any kind. I'll make recommendations for you based upon what you tell me and show me in your drafts -- but I won't write anything on your behalf, because that's unethical and dishonest. Only you can write your best dissertation.

This program does not offer MANY THINGS. The only things this program offers are those things that are explicitly stated here and in our terms and conditions of sale/use.

When Is It?

The Dissertation Mentor® One-To-One Mentorship is scheduled by you, based upon my availability and your availability. After you sign up, you'll be able to schedule your first call. Call slots are first-come-first serve.

What if I miss a call or have to cancel/reschedule a call?

We hold to a VERY STRICT cancellation and rescheduling policy. Requests to reschedule a call must be received no less than 72 hours before your scheduled call. If you miss a call or must reschedule within 72 hours of your call, you will forfeit your right to that call. I will always show up for our scheduled call, even if I am sitting there alone on the call. Please keep in mind that I am working with many clients and missing a call is catastrophic to our schedule. It could take weeks to reschedule you.

Will my voice be recorded? Can I record our conversation?

No. These calls are not recorded and you may not record them for your future use. The information provided to you in this call is confidential and proprietary and is highly valuable. Please do not record our calls. 

Will we really be able to ask you video questions any time while I am in this mentorship?

Yes. Using a very well-known android/iPhone application, you’ll be able to record a short video question and send it to me. When I am awake, I’ll do my best to respond to your question in a short video response as soon as possible. If you'd prefer to send me email questions, we can do that too! This will be available to you until three months after you sign up.

What if I don’t like the program? Can I get a refund?

Unlike our other programs, this mentorship has a very strict no refunds policy. After you sign up, no refunds will be given. This mentorship is not for the faint at heart. It will be very challenging. You will be more able to make progress in your dissertation through our discussions. If you are unsure about signing up, please do not sign up and consider one of our lower-cost programs. 

How much does it cost?

$997 USD one-time payment.

Should I join?

Yes. You should. If I saved you one month worth of time and trouble, would that be worth the price of admission? How about if you saved you three months? Six? As an added note, you should only join if you are willing to work hard over a long period of time to get this dissertation done. The dissertation is one of the most difficult projects you'll ever work through during your lifetime. If you are willing to face that and work with me to learn strategies to gain clarity and write the most high quality dissertation possible, using the highest ethics, then you are the type of person that I want to work with.

Master's Degree students writing a thesis should also consider joining. Though different than a dissertation, many of the skills we'll discuss in this mentorship are applicable to you.

Who shouldn't join?

You are ineligible to sign up for this mentorship if you are a student at a University at which I am a professor. Basically, if you know me as one of your professors in your doctoral or masters program, do not sign up for this mentorship. You don't need to! You get to work with me as part of you being at your wonderful university. Simply reach out to me via email there and I'll help you! If this is you, do not purchase this.

Also, if you are looking for a "quick-fix," or a "dissertation in a month," you are in the wrong place -- and, frankly, I doubt you'll finish your dissertation. Here we work with people that are willing to put in great amounts of hard work over a sustained period of time (often years) to finish their dissertation.

If you don't fit one of the above groups, I hope you'll join.

How do I join The Dissertation Mentor® One-To-One Mentorship?

Complete click the purchase button and let the fun begin! You'll immediately receive a username, password, and a set of welcome emails -- including an email that allow you to schedule your first call. Sometimes, the purchase button appears in the top right of this page.



Special Note: You are ineligible to purchase this program if you are a student at a University at which I am a professor and/or are looking for a quick-fix dissertation. This program is only for those that want to produce a dissertation of the highest standards.

This program and this website is operated by Triumphant Heart International, Inc.


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