The Dissertation Warrior Book

The Dissertation Warrior® Book

Don’t read this book if you want a quick and dirty way to finish your dissertation or thesis, write it in a weekend, or pay someone else to write it for you. This book is for the doctoral student who wants to become the best version of himself or herself; whose doctoral journey is a quest of epic personal, professional, and spiritual transformation; and who wants to finish his or her dissertation as well.

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White, G. E. (2017). The dissertation warrior: The ultimate guide to being the kind of person who finishes a doctoral dissertation or thesis. Triumphant Heart International.





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Inside this book, you’ll learn, among many other things:

  • The secrets of time travel;
  • That 99% of that which gets your focus is not worth your time;
  • That “writing” your dissertation is the last thing that you should do; and
  • How to conquer your introduction, create alignment, build the best darned literature review you possibly can, find and collect your data, and connect all the clues better than a hat-wearing movie archeologist

...all while becoming a better spouse, sibling, child of your parents, and man (or woman) of all seasons.

This book is written by me, Dr. Guy. I teach, at the time of writing this book, the world’s most comprehensive online step-by-step dissertation writing course.

Through my online training videos, The Dissertation Mentor® Accelerator Program, The Dissertation Mentor® Home Study Course, and The Dissertation Mentor® One-To-One Mentorship, I have helped thousands of doctoral students make progress in their dissertations. I can probably help you too! This book is my manifesto about all things “doctoral.”

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